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Children's Day Gift Ideas

Children are the hope of the future. Almost every country and region has set up its own special festivals for children. For example, in Japan, Kodomo no Hi which is celebrated on May 5th is Children's Day, it is also Boys' Day when girls have their own Girls'Day – Hinamatsuri, parents will set up a display at home, and put beautiful dolls in Kimonos on the display as a holiday present for their daughters. In Spain, lots of sweets will be provided to kids on Children's Day, a few children selected will be given exquisite gifts.

Gift Items For Children's Day

There are many choices as Children's Day gifts.

  • Piggy Bank – Teach kids how to save money

  • Books, puzzles, or board games – Reading books during bedtime or playing games with child may be more valuable present for your child

  • A bicycle – Go outing and do exercise will be helpful for health

  • Dolls – Girls always like dolls, at least to a certain age

  • A digital watch – GPS and call function will help parents make sure kids' safety

  • Night light – With it, kid will be not afraid to sleep alone

  • Stationery – Exquisite stationary with elegant design is also a good hamper choice

Children's Day Gift Ideas For Students

Children's Day Gift Ideas For Students

Personalised Children's Day Gift

Childhood is an important stage in the formation of self-awareness, and things with their own names will help children to form self-awareness faster. Therefore, any personalized Children's Day hamper shows children's names, such as cups, dinner plates, clothes, stationery, and school bags, they are welcome by kids.

Except for these personalized gifts, what else can we have? I believe Lavoli customised children's day gifts would be your new choice! The recording function in Musical Lollipop could record 1 minute personalized voice greeting to kid, also it is able to customize the kid's name on lollipop.

Children's Lollipops

Musical Lolly For Children's Day

Lollipop, as food in the mouth, is naturally loved by children, lollipop can comfort kids easily. This new Bone Conduction Musical Lollipop will teach kids that besides air conduction, there is another sound conduction method that is very common, but not is well known by everyone, it is bone conduction. The vibration formed by sound passes through bones and is transmitted to inner ear, but no sound is heard by the outer ear. For children, this is a novel experience and new scientific knowledge will be learned through this experience.

Children's Lollipops

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