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What is the Principle of Bone Conduction?

Ⅰ. The principle experiment of bone conduction

Experiment 1: Pick up the pen in your hand and tap it with your finger, you can hear the tapping sound, which is air conduction;

Experiment 2: Hold one end of the pen with your teeth, and then tap it with the same force with your fingers. Does the sound change?

Ⅱ. How to conduct bone conduction in life and nature?

1. In life, it's more common, right? That's because most of the sound is that sound waves pass through the air to reach the tympanic membrane, and the tympanic membrane vibrates to transmit bone conduction sound to the inner ear. Another way is that sound waves are directly transmitted to the inner ear through bone vibration without passing through the eardrum. This is also a way for humans to hear sound. This transmission method is bone conduction.

2. There are similar scenes in nature. Whales living in the ocean obtain the vibration waves of the sound in the water through their mandibles and then transmit them to the auditory nerve. The snake's auditory organ has no external ear or tympanic membrane. It receives external sound vibrations through the surface of the mandible, and then transmits bone conduction sound to the brain through the rod-shaped stapes of the inner ear.

To sum up, the bone conduction is a natural phenomenon. Sound is transmitted to the auditory nerve through the skull, jaw bone, not the tympanic membrane, causing hearing.

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