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Common Questions for Music Lollipop

1. What is the bone conduction technology of music lollipop?

The bone conduction technology is achieved through our self-developed integrated vibration unit, which has a small structure and excellent performance, completely surpassing the high-cost vibration unit in the field of bone conduction headphones.

2. What are the candy ingredients of music lollipops?

The raw material used in the candy part is Isomalt, which is a natural sugar substitute that is friendly to teeth. According to the World Health Organization, its daily intake is not limited. Music lollipops can even help protect teeth. They are low in calories and only contain half of the calories of sucrose.

3. What material is used for the handle of Lavoli Music Lollipop?

The handle part of our music lollipop is made of food-grade PP material. We use ultrasonic seamless welding technology and food safety contact materials to ensure product safety.

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