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Digital Lollipops Simulate Flavors Through Electricity

1. The birth of digital lollipop

Researchers have created a digital lollipop capable of creating different tastes through virtual reality.

Electronic devices are placed on the tongue and work by stimulating taste buds with an electrical current. Also includes an extra trick for varying temperatures to help fool the brain into thinking you're tasting food.

The device is able to simulate all four major taste groups - salty, sweet, sour and bitter.

Nimesha Ranasinghe, an engineer at the National University of Singapore who led the research, believes the technology could one day be implemented at home, allowing viewers to taste food prepared in cooking shows.

"We found that non-invasive electrical and thermal stimulation of the tip of the tongue successfully produced primary taste sensations," he told New Scientist.

2. Advantages of using digital lollipops

Introducing the digital music lollipop in his online portfolio, Mr Ranasinghe explained: "The system is capable of manipulating the properties of the current (amplitude, frequency and polarity: reverse current) to formulate different stimuli. Currently, we are conducting experiments, to analyze regional differences in electrical stimulation of the human tongue."

Recreational value aside, the engineer, who recently completed his Ph.D., believes the technology could one day be used for medical purposes.

"Patients with diabetes might be able to use the taste synthesizer to simulate sweetness without compromising their actual blood sugar levels. Cancer patients could use it to improve or restore a sense of taste that was weakened during chemotherapy," he said.

3. Lavoli sound lollipop

As a sweetener derived from pure sugar beets, isomalt is a naturally sourced sugar substitute that we use to produce Lavoli sound lollipop.

Isomalt is 100% sugar free and tooth friendly. It can even help prevent tooth decay. The high-tech production process of isomalt makes it almost as sweet as sucrose, but with half the calories! Due to its hypoglycemic response, mildness and sugar-like taste, isomalt is the number one sugar substitute in confectionery worldwide.

All plastic parts of Lavoli lollipops are recyclable and sustainable; the batteries are lithium batteries; all our battery-powered lollipops that play music are designed, materials and produced in compliance with the strictest environmental protection regulations and requirements worldwide. Lavoli lollipops are environmentally friendly.

From children to the elderly, from kindergarten to exhibitions, Lavoli sound lollipop is always a good choice for gifts. Welcome to consult.

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