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Lavoli's Bluetooth Charging Music Lolly

APP control bluetooth charging music lolly with Micro SD card. The enterprise version comes with a removable Micro SD card, which is mainly designed for enterprise users who need to change audio content in batches, and can store multiple audio files. Consumers can also connect the Lavoli Enterprise Edition to the mobile app via Bluetooth for easy selection of audio, recording, and mixing.

The LBS (Location-based Service) function is applied on the APP, and the audio guide introduction of tourist attractions can be played according to the location.

Ⅰ. The main features of APP control bluetooth rechargeable musical lollipop

1. Connect to Lavoli Android APP via lollipop bluetooth, support APP sound selection, recording and mixing;

2. For more functions, please refer to the introduction of Lavoli APP below;

3. The removable TF card can store multiple songs, consumers can customize your audio, and support enterprise customization;

4. Professional audio decoder amplifier chip;

5. Universal Type-C charging port, support audio data transmission;

6. The stick feels comfortable

7. Tooth-friendly sugar substitutes.

Ⅱ. APP control the application of Bluetooth rechargeable musical lollipop and Micro SD card

The application of Lavoli is very extensive. It features beautiful music, holiday songs and British fairy tales. Suitable for consumers who want to experience new things. It is also a good choice when giving gifts. You can use Micro SD card or mobile APP to record your personal wishes and present them to recipients.

Lavoli music lollipop is convenient for enterprises to customize audio as event props for theme parties, audio wedding invitations for wedding planners, promotional gifts for exhibitions or events, idol new song players prepared by fans, etc.

APP introduction:

1. Copyright cloud music library;

2. Cloud education resources & audiobooks, etc.

3. Provide audio guides for the world's top tourist attractions based on LBS;

4. Audio selection, recording, editing, mixing and other functions;

5. Currently only Android devices are supported, and the iOS version is under development.

As the world's first bone conduction musical lollipop, Lavoli not only offers your loved ones a musical player pop as an innovative gift, but also a screen-free storytelling player for your kids and parents!

Thanks to bone conduction technology, Lavoli can bring you these new and interesting sound lollipops. Bone conduction technology is absolutely safe for people of all ages. Our musical lollipops help people with conductive hearing loss hear the world. If necessary, welcome to consult.

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