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Music Lollipops with Custom Shapes and Flavors

Custom shaped lollipops are suitable for all ages. From young children to the elderly, they are the target customers for custom music lollipops. In order to enrich the choices of children and adults, Lavoli music lolly specially provides various lollipop shapes other than heart-shaped candies, and we can also support customers with large-volume orders to customize the shape of candy. The sugar portion is available in a variety of shapes. For example, you can choose custom shapes for cat paws, hearts, stars, bears, Christmas trees, Christmas hats, and more. Your customers will love Lavoli's custom shaped lollipops.

In addition to candy shapes, our custom-shaped music lollipops are available in a variety of flavors. Choose from a variety of flavors including lemon, strawberry, watermelon, blueberry, grape, cantaloupe, peach and apple. In addition, different flavors are presented in corresponding colors, which greatly enriches people's visual enjoyment.

As a professional supplier of making music lollipops, Lavoli can provide you with high quality custom shaped lollipops in different flavors at competitive marketing prices.

1. How does the size and shape of the music lollipop affect the user experience?

Because musical lollipops are usually eaten for a long time, the size and shape of the candy directly affects the comfort of the mouth and the eating time. The size and shape of the sugar are designed to take into account the various factions of the eater during the eating process, such as licking, sucking, etc. Appropriate sugar shape will ensure the comfort of different eating movements, and will also make different movements to correctly contact the teeth and ensure good bone conduction effect.

The right shape musical lollipop size also ensures that the entire eating time matches the audio content playback time, providing a complete user experience. In order to give users a better dining experience, Lavoli's customized music lollipops are not only available in different sizes, but also in different flavors to better meet the needs of different customers.

2. How did Lavoli music lollipops choose the flavor of candy?

When it comes to flavor selection, Lavoli has carefully researched the flavors of the world's most popular sugars and selected the top ten flavors. By adjusting the sweet and sour ratio, the taste of our custom-shaped lollipops is fixed at the most pleasant taste.

At the same time, Lavoli can provide sugar made with natural coloring according to the relevant requirements of some countries. Customers can choose the flavor of music lollipops in the order.

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