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Recordable & Rechargeable Musical Lollipop

This musical lollipop is an innovative and unprecedented product that connects hearing and taste using bone conduction technology. You can not only use it to listen to stories or music but also record your wishes for the gift recipient. Even if the sugar is eaten up, it can also be recharged for repeated use, as a collection.

Key features of Recordable & Rechargeable Musical Lollipop:

  • Professional audio decoder & amplifier chip system

  • Up to 60s recording time and preload 30 minutes audio

  • High sensitivity omnidirectional microphone

  • USB type-C charging port, supporting replace audio

  • Ergonomics design for easy use & users' safety

  • Prevent accidental erasure of precious audio

  • Low glycemic response and suitable for people with diabetes

  • Mild and sugar-like sweetness

  • All materials are Food-safe & Eco-friendly

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Specification Of Recordable & Rechargeable Musical Lollipop

Audio files

1) Recorded by user

2) Prestored during production

3) Load from a computer via USB Type C cable

Audio file format


Sound quality (sampling rate)


The maximum duration of 

the recording

The 60s

Maximum number of recording



8MB default

Time of continuous working

>30min @25℃ *From 100% power

Storage time before using

18 months

Operation temperature


Operation humidity

0%-85% RH

Storage temperature


Storage humidity

0%-85% RH

Battery type and capacity

Lithium battery 3.7V 65mAh

Operation voltage


Operation current

Average: 70mA Max.: 250mA

Charging voltage


Charging current


Lollipop dimensions (L*W*H)


Lollipop net weight



1) A lollipop

2) A pair of earplugs

3) A USB Type C cable

Advantages And Application Of Recordable& Rechargeable Musical Lollipop

This is the only Lavoli product that can provide a recording function. It can record blessings by itself. Along with sweet candy, it will be given to your loved one, children, friends, parents. The low-calorie sugar substitute Isomalt does not affect blood sugar and does not increase the risk of teeth decay. It is the most novel gift received by the recipient.

Only the user can hear the audio because of bone conduction, it is private and will not interfere with others, what an amazing experience!

When you rack your brains to try to find great mother's day, valentine's day, or Children's day special gift ideas, when you are bored with the traditional flowers and chocolates, when you are eager to speak something from the heart to him/her, Lavoli Musical Lollipop is your inspiration.

Advantages And Application Of Recordable& Rechargeable Musical Lollipop