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Musical Lollipops for a Creative Thanksgiving Gift!

Giving gifts on Thanksgiving is not the main custom. The original traditional custom from the United States and Canada is to eat a very rich dinner. Roast turkey is the most important food on this day, so some people call this day Turkey Day. In addition, there are other rich foods, and the hospitable people will bring out all kinds of delicious foods to entertain guests and neighbors. In addition to eating, there will be singing and dancing, bonfire parties and so on.

With the changes of the times, the way people spend Thanksgiving is also gradually changing. In addition to eating roast turkey, rich food is also essential. Collective gatherings have also evolved into the current parade, and the bonfire party is gone. In the evening, everyone will gather at home as a family and have a big dinner. In recent years there has also been a habit of exempting turkeys. The President of the United States exempts a turkey every year on Thanksgiving Day.

Having said so much, I want to say that gift giving is not the highlight of this festival, don’t give gifts on any festival, it's too vulgar. That being said, there are a lot of people who give gifts, and there is an increasing trend. The gift that symbolizes Thanksgiving has not yet been born, but there are also food that are suitable. Isn't Thanksgiving just about eating. In addition, greeting cards will also be a good choice. Of course, if you use your wisdom and make the most creative gift, then the person who receives your thank you gift will also be very happy.

1. Turkey Accessories

Thanksgiving itself has a lot to do with turkey. But Chinese chicken is not a very nice word. Therefore, you'd better make the accessory you want to give look like a chicken and a phoenix. It is recommended that you make a turkey accessory for girls like making butterfly hairpins by hand, she will definitely like it.

2. Handprint tray

Everyone will choose a party on Thanksgiving, I suggest you prepare some paper plates, and then prepare a few paints and pens. When friends come, let them choose a color, then paint it on their palms, and then cover their handprints in the paper tray. This is a very commemorative collection gift.

3. Music lollipop

For the first time, Lavoli holiday/festival lollipops perfectly integrate taste and hearing, bringing users a very novel and magical experience. Our holiday lollipops are widely used in various festivals and anniversaries. Our holiday lollipops can be used as Thanksgiving gifts, Halloween gifts, Christmas gifts, New Years gifts, and Valentine's Day gifts and more.

In addition to playing pre-installed audio, our holiday candy also allows users to record personalized voices for customization, and download, edit, and play audio through a Bluetooth connection with a smartphone or PC, which greatly expands the application scenarios. Lavoli music lollipops are happy to help you express your personal emotions and share life's important moments with your loved ones.

4. Thanksgiving Vase

Now there are many grateful vases, I don't know if you have seen them. Of course, you can also make such a vase yourself. It's actually very simple, you just need to draw the pattern you want on the solid-color vase with a waterproof pen, and after it dries, give it to the other party. The recipient should be very happy.

5. Thanksgiving food

Many people still like to receive Thanksgiving food, so if you like to cook food, you can also bring friends food that you can't usually eat. For example, pumpkin pie or tortillas. Golden pie is perfect for inviting friends over for Thanksgiving. Represents, the Golden Year of Friendship.

6. DIY greeting cards

I believe that many people have made greeting cards, so on Thanksgiving, make a set of Thanksgiving turkey greeting cards by yourself, and prepare them for your grateful classmates, friends, teachers or family members. Such cards only need you to buy hard paper of various colors, then cut them out according to the shape, and glue them together.

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