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What Lollipop Flavor is Suitable for Your Favorite Movie Genre

What should you do the movie leaves you panting for more? Are you want to relive the opening song, ending song and classic lines? Lavoli Music Lolly provides you with a wonderful second experience after the movie ends.

Ⅰ. Musical lolly and comedies

Comedy, like our music lolly with red velvet cake flavour, is the most popular type of movie.

After watching a comedy, people feel relaxed and then come to a music lolly to relive the classic lines and make people happy.

Ⅱ. Music lolly and horror movies

The boldest type is worthy of our most tangible flavour: Lavoli Musical Lolly pineapple. Horror music, exciting moments of horror, when you eat a music lolly, you will come to the horror movie scene at once and feel the unparalleled excitement. A music lolly is enough!

Ⅲ. Music lollipops and cartoons

Watching an animated movie will be a wonderful time, which is why we think our chocolate-flavoured musical lolly are very suitable for this occasion. When we eat, we think of the cartoon's exquisite scenes and cute characters and listen to the beautiful opening. The music makes people feel like they are in a scene in a cartoon: a valley; flying in the sky.

Ⅳ. Music lollipops and romantic films

Whether it is a happy or a sad ending, our music lollipops can perfectly match any romantic movie. The cherry flavour of music lollipops is sour and sweet, just like love, which makes people irresistible.

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