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Features and Application Advantages of Bluetooth Rechargeable Music Lollipop Controlled by APP

To address the concerns of many customers - what to do if you want to listen to music but run out of candy? Lavoli has launched this kit version with 6 replacement lollipop smart heads.

With the support of the intelligent recognition system, when the smart lollipop head is inserted into the lollipop handle, the handle can automatically identify different smart lollipop heads and play the corresponding audio content, ensuring that consumers who are eating music lollipops can listen to to completely different audio content. Lollipop Bluetooth allows data transfer distances of at least 10 meters between Lavoli and the phone.

Ⅰ. The main features of the APP-controlled Bluetooth rechargeable music lollipop with a replacement head

1. Intimate design, 6 replaceable lollipop smart lollipop heads;

2. After the smart lollipop head is inserted into the handle, it can automatically identify the head and play the corresponding content;

3. Two audio playback modes of Lollipop: Lollipop Bluetooth and local playback;

4. Connect to Lavoli Android APP through Lollipop Bluetooth, support APP sound selection, recording and mixing;

5. Universal Type-C charging port, support audio data transmission;

6. Sugar is low in calories and will not cause weight gain.

Ⅱ. APP control bluetooth rechargeable music lollipop bag changing application

The package version can not only realize other functions of Lavoli electronic lollipops, but most importantly, the package version can support consumers to enjoy a variety of flavors, colors and shapes of Lavoli low-calorie lollipops, which greatly enriches consumers' experience and solutions. Question about how to listen to music and stories through Lavoli after eating candy.

Lavoli provides a collection of fairy tales and a series of foreign language vocabulary learning tutorials for lollipops educare, suitable for children with more listening needs, to attract children to put down smart display products such as mobile phones and listen to stories. Therefore, this collection can also be considered as the perfect happy birthday lollipop for your child.

Ⅲ. Advantages of APP-controlled Bluetooth rechargeable music lollipop bag replacement head

This Bluetooth-enabled music lollipop is easy to store and has a shelf life of up to 18 months. There are multiple replacement lollipop heads in a set. You can always choose to listen to a story or eat something sweet. Eating sweets isn't a burden, as this Bluetooth lollipop is made with a low-calorie, tooth-friendly sugar substitute.

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