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Music Lolly is a Meaningful Gift for Anniversaries

Do you want to give him/her a surprise on the anniversary? Do you want to give a special gift?

Whether you're 20, 30, 40, or 50, sweet anniversary candy is always a unique way to cheer him or her up. Lavoli will also be the perfect friend for your anniversary to pass on the love.

Record your voice in this anniversary gift to preserve this precious moment! Lavoli's sugar-free musical lollipops are definitely the new trend for anniversary gifts. They attract people to remember key moments. Lavoli delivers the words that are too embarrassed to say. Lavoli's anniversary candy can be recorded and played, and you can upload music to match this beautiful moment.

Lavoli is the most meaningful anniversary gift! Celebrate an important anniversary with a special Lavoli musical lollipop!

Ⅰ. The application of anniversary music lolly

It is the most meaningful anniversary gift. Write down your best wishes or songs and send them to your lover. They can clearly hear wishes or music through bone conduction technology, which is an amazing experience. Just press the music button and the song will play in your mouth. It is easy to upload or replace music through our Lavoli APP. We have the personalized anniversary musical lollipops. Customers can customize their own anniversary lollipop according to different needs.

Ⅱ. The package of anniversary music lolly

We offer musical anniversary gifts boxes and customed gift packs or gift boxes. Photos can also be printed on customed package!

As the world's first bone-guided music lolly, Lavoli not only offers pop music as an innovative gift for your lover, but also a screenless storytelling player for your kids and parents!

Lavoli is able to bring you these new and interesting musical lollipops thanks to bone conduction technology. Bone conduction technology is absolutely safe for people of all ages. Try plugging your ears and making a sound. The sound you hear is transmitted through bone conduction. Our musical lollipops can help people with conductive hearing loss hear the world. If there is any need, please feel free  to consult.

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