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How to Make a Sugarless Lollipop?

We can use candy ingredients to make our own candies at home instead of buying sugar free lollipop bought in store. Sugar-free syrups and sweeteners are used to replace sugar and corn syrup used in traditional lollipop recipes. Artificial sweeteners that can be used to make sugar free lollipops include sucralose, maltitol or ismaltoketol.

For each flavor or color, you need to make a batch of sugar-free lollipops separately. The sugar free lollipop can be eaten immediately or wrapped individually in cellophane or plastic wrap after finishing.

Ⅰ. The steps for making the sugar free lollipop:

Step 1: Spray the lollipop molds with non-stick cooking spray. Place a Lavoli stick in the center of each candy mold.

Step 2: Mix maltitol and vanilla syrup in a pan. Heat the mixture to boiling over medium heat.

Step 3: Insert a candy thermometer into the liquid when it is boiling. Keep the mixture boiling until it reaches 300 degrees Fahrenheit. And then remove the pan from the heat.

Step 4: Once the liquid stops boiling, add food coloring. Food coloring is not needed to make sugar-free lollipops, but it will make them look more delicious.

Step 5: Add your candy flavoring oil to the liquid and stir intensively. Buy a variety of spices flavors sets including chocolate, root beer, buttery rum and mint to make oil. Flavoring oils don't contain sugar.

Step 6: Pour liquid into each candy mold slowly. The mixture is still hot. Wear gloves to avoid being burned.

Step 7: After the sugar free lollipops are cooled, take them out from the molds and keep their shapes. Let them cool on the counter.

If you have a baby or kid, then you can make customised Children's Day gifts by yourself.

Ⅱ. Ingredients we need to make sugar free lollipops

3 cups unsweetened vanilla syrup;

2 cups maltitol granules;

1 teaspoon candy flavoring oil;

1/4 teaspoon edible colorant;

6 candy molds;

6 Lavoli sticks;

Non-stick cooking spray;


We can buy prefabricate sugar free candies to make the concoctions instead of mixing ingredients to make sugarless crystal lollipops. We only have to add water and place the candy mixture into the molds. We should avoid using flavored cooking spray to cover candy molds. It will adversely affect the taste of the candy.

Lavoli's sugar-free healthy music lollipop is a new and healthy food. As a sweetener derived from pure beets, isomalt is a natural sugar substitute and the raw material we use to produce high-quality lollipops. It is 100% sugar-free, friendly to teeth, and can even help prevent tooth decay. The high-tech production process of isomalt makes its sweetness almost equal to that of sucrose, but only half the calories! Due to the hypoglycemic response, mild and sugar-like taste, isomalt is the world's number one candy substitute. Welcome to consult us and customize what you want.

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