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How Can Lollipops Make Everyone's Summer Travel Great?

Everyone knows that traveling with family in the summer is a mixture of a sweaty nightmare and the nagging "Are we there?" every 5 minutes.

Fortunately, if you travel wisely and bring some food along the way, we can transform your adventure from chaos to tranquility.

1. The help of music lollipop when riding in the car

There is nothing worse than being kicked in the back of your seat when you are trying to navigate. On the road, you must act as the guardian of peace when the children fight.

Fortunately, we have a simple solution: music lolly.

Our music lollipops last long enough to keep kids with something to do, so you can reach your destination with peace of mind. Children will be busy sucking their delicious music lolly without asking "how long will it take?" and their attention will be attracted by the music. The children sit in the back seat quietly throughout the journey, avoiding your headaches.

2. Music lolly helps while flying on an airplane

During long stays or flight delays, the airport can be stressful, busy or even boring. Music lolly will help you alleviate the boredom, and a variety of delicious flavors allow you and your children to choose according to their likes. So you can taste delicious lollipops and the music in them as the best solution to make the time of long-distance flight pass faster.

At the same time, children crying on the plane are very stressful for their parents and other passengers on the plane. Give a crying child a musical lollipop, and he can be immediately distracted and calm down. More than 20 minutes of sugar-eating time is enough to make many children feel tired. In this way, parents can use a music lolipop to let their children enjoy a period of sleep on the plane.

3. Souvenirs during the journey-the propaganda role of music lollipops

During the journey, the flight attendants, hotel staff or any service staff you meet during the journey hope to bring you a good journey memory. Remember their company and brand, and remember the good differentiated services they provide.

Some airlines, hotels, and travel agencies make Lavoli Musical Lollipop from their company's promotional music and slogans and give them to travelers. In this way, when you return to your home from the end of your journey and take out a music lollipop to eat, you can immediately recall the good service experience these companies have brought to you, thus remembering this brand.

music-lolly 1.jpg

In some cases, this may even lead to better service and improved performance. Or maybe you just do it for someone's day. Nothing can beat it!

Lavoli Musical Lollipop can customize audio according to application scenarios, such as exhibitions, promotional activities, movie advertisements... Correspondingly, the product packaging can also be customized according to requirements. For the candy part, custom shapes and preferences are acceptable.

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