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Custom Packaging for Music Lollipops

Lavoli music lollipops can provide customers with various packaging forms and various designs. Packaging forms include but are not limited to blister packaging, carton packaging, gift box packaging, and iron box packaging. In addition to single packs, three packs and multiple packs are also available.

The Lavoli music lollipop set is available with 4 replacement heads or 6 replacement heads. In addition to the existing holiday lollipop patterns, anniversary patterns, fairy tale patterns, foreign language learning patterns, etc., packaging patterns can also be designed by senior designers according to the audio content selected by customers.

1. How to customize the packaging of Lavoli music lollipops?

Since our customers come from all over the world, and each country has different packaging requirements for food and electronic products, and the content that needs to be printed is also different, each customer may also have different preferences for packaging forms, requiring gift box packaging or blister packaging.

Then, please summarize and provide the packaging requirements you need to our sales staff, and please provide the order quantity. It is best to have clear print content requirements and pattern samples of the desired styles.

According to your request, our designer will confirm with you again after designing your custom shape music lollipops and corresponding lollipop packaging design.

2. Lavoli music lollipop custom packaging tips

Since the packaging pattern is often consistent with the audio content, it is recommended that customers provide customized audio content first, and then provide the creative lollipop packaging pattern design requirements according to the needs of the local sales market.

As a technology company, Thunder Blast designs and develops innovative products across borders. The international R&D team consists of excellent designers and experienced engineers who have worked in Fortune 500 companies. We are working with world class suppliers and all raw materials are sourced from quality suppliers. Our vision is to provide users with extraordinary and novel experiences through these innovative products, spread love and care around the world, and guide people to pay attention to healthy lifestyles and environmental protection.

Based on our core technology, bone conduction, Thunder Blast plans to launch consumer food and electronics, business machines and medical devices. We just launched the world's first Lavoli music lollipop, which is sweet, fun and practical. With an ergonomic design concept, Lavoli Musical Lollipop can listen to songs and stories while eating, and even record and replace the audio in the lollipop. Welcome to consult.

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