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The Great Innovation of Lavoli Musical Lollipops

Lavoli Musical Lollipop is an ingenious application of bone conduction technology on a lollipop. While relishing the sweetness of the lollipop, the user can appreciate the voice greetings and stored music which are conducted through his or her teeth and jaw. The combination of gustatory and auditory senses makes a novel and fantastic experience. With simple form and sensible functionality, the device itself serves only playing and recording functions to ensure operational convenience and accessibility to children and the elderly. 

lavoli musical lollipops

With advanced functions, such as music selection, downloading, editing, and customizing audios, our sound lollipop can be quickly triggered by App. Its usage is easy to learn. And the stick of our lollipop is made of food-grade PP material to ensure safety. Innovative and rich functionality makes it applicable for more usage scenarios, such as its combination with GPS/LBS positioning to serve as a personal guide. Even more commendable is that Lavoli applies to people with conductive hearing loss and age-related hearing loss. When using the musical lollipop with the App, it can act as their auxiliary hearing aids.

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