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New Year's Music Lollipop Brings a Wonderful Experience!

Every year, it's time to give new trendy gifts in the New Year. Forget about ordinary chocolates and candies! Celebrate a different New Year with our New Year's Music Lollipop. It is the first lollipop that combines people's sense of taste and hearing, and connects the action of eating with the action of listening. Through ingenious design, let the music have taste with melody. At the same time, it carries the blessings of the New Year and brings users a magical and wonderful experience.

1. The advantages of New Year's music lollipops

Lavoli music lollipops are easy to connect, which convey blessings, joy, happiness and better express personal emotions. At the end of the year, come to a Lavoli New Year's music lollipop and convey your blessings with your own voice!

2. Application of New Year's music lollipops

This is an exclusive custom gift. Record your wishes or songs and send to your friends, loved ones or family members. They can hear voices and songs clearly and it's a whole new magical experience. Due to the use of bone conduction technology, the sound will not be played, only the person who eats can hear it and will not disturb others.

Lavoli products are simple and easy to use, you only need to switch play/pause with one button, which is convenient for uploading and downloading songs. We take personalized new year music lollipops lavoli, customers can customize their own new year music lollipops in different flavors, shapes, colors and packaging.

3. Packaging of New Year's music lollipops

We offer New Year gift boxes and can also provide custom lollipop packaging with your own logo.

As a technology company, Thunder Blast designs and develops innovative products across borders. The international R&D team consists of excellent designers and experienced engineers who have worked in Fortune 500 companies. We are working with world class suppliers for all raw materials. Our vision is to provide users with extraordinary and novel experiences through these innovative products, spread love and care all over the world, and guide people to pay attention to healthy lifestyles and environmental protection. Based on our core technology, bone conduction, Thunder Blast plans to launch consumer food and electronics, business machines and medical devices. We just launched the world's first Lavoli music lollipop, which is sweet, fun and practical. With an ergonomic design concept, Lavoli Musical Lollipop can listen to songs and stories while licking, and even record and replace audio in Lollipop. Welcome to consult.

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