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Eveything You Need to Know about Lavoli Musical Lollipop

With its innovative use of bone conduction technology, Lavoli gift candy perfectly integrates senses of taste and hearing for the first time, bringing users a very novel and wonderful experience. In addition to playing preloaded audios, it also allows users to record personalized voice for customization, and download, edit and play audios via Bluetooth connection with smartphone or PC, which greatly expands the application scenarios. Clearly defined functional zones and common habits make it easy to operate for anyone. More importantly, Lavoli is user-friendly to people with Conductive Hearing Loss, allowing them to hear as ordinary people.

The Ideology of Lavoli Musical Lollipops

Considering the required carriers and ties for connection and emotional communication among people and the need to commemorate and share important moments of life, Lavoli is therefore created. Candy can bring sweetness, pleasure, and happiness, making it a favorite food for all mankind. The product takes candy as a carrier and combines bone conduction technology to skillfully integrate the senses of taste and hearing, empowering the music with flavor and the taste with melody. It is designed to provide people with a medium to express, share and commemorate happiness and emotions, which perfectly embodies the brand's slogan: Voice of Love.

The Aesthetic Appearance of Lavoli Musical Lollipops

The form follows the function, with the principle of minimalism permeating every aspect like design and production. The Elegant appearance, featuring a colorful transparent candy with a pure white stick, is concise and lively. As the only embellishment, the 3D logo on the stick serves to balance aesthetics with branding and to strengthen the connection between candy and stick. Advanced functions are implemented via APP/PC software to ensure a concise body. Voice and indicator lights are designed to enhance easy-use interaction. Moreover, the use of ultrasonic seamless welding technology and food-safe contact materials guarantees product safety.

lavoli beautiful lollipops

The Functions of Lavoli Musical Lollipops

The rounded stick of our sound lollipop is ergonomically shaped, and the appropriate candy size and shape ensure a comfortable and complete user experience. It can perform more complex functions such as music playback and customization via Bluetooth and mobile phones, which facilitates the operation and enhances use efficiency. Moreover, this product makes ingenious use of GPS/LBS positioning, wired/wireless data transmission, and charging functions, which not only allows extremely easy product customization without increasing the complexity and cost of the product but also expands a variety of applications fields and new use scenarios.

The Innovation of Lavoli Musical Lollipops

This product breaks through the design and use of traditional bone conduction products and creatively integrates with food, realizing innovation in design, technology, function and user experience. The self-developed and designed integrated bone conduction vibration unit is ingeniously placed in the center of the candy, thus minimizing the power consumption and volume. With its novel originality, ingenious design, rich, practical, and easy-to-use functions and convenient customization, a new category of product has been created, making the Lavoli brand a pioneer and the best example of such music lollipops.

lavoli musical lollipops

The Application of Lavoli Musical Lollipops

Besides being used as a holiday and customized gifts, film advertising derivatives/promotional materials, Lavoli can also be integrated with kids' education or toy to satisfy kids' taste enjoyment and curiosity, while mobilizing multiple senses to raise the enjoyment of learning and entertainment. Combined with the GPS function, it can play the corresponding audio attraction introduction based on the user's location, as a one-to-one tour guide. Furthermore, thanks to bone conduction technology, people with Conductive Hearing Loss can enjoy Lavoli as ordinary people and even use it as a hearing aid with the Smartphone & Lavoli APP.

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