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The Historical Origins of Healthiest Lollies

Ⅰ. The ancient beginning of healthiest lollies

Archaeologists have discovered that our ancient ancestors may have created the earliest versions of lollipops thousands of years ago. People used honey to preserve fruits and nuts in ancient times and put them on wooden sticks for easy consumption. Over time, pure natural honey has become less and less, and healthy lollipops are a better new choice.

Ⅱ. Healthiest lollies in the 17th century

People's demand for healthy lollipops is also increasing with the transpassing of time. Healthy sweets become richer and replace honey in many recipes. Street vendors in London make fudges from sugar and put them on sticks. This dessert was later called "lollipop", which humorously translated as "tongue slap".

Ⅲ. Healthiest lollies in the 20th century

Healthy lollipops appeared in various forms throughout the 1800s, but it wasn't until the early 1900s that the most well-known version of lollipops appeared. Many people are trying to profit from lollipops at this time. However, it is said that the first success was an American confectioner named George Smith. He created the first modern version of the lollipop in 1908. Throughout the 20th century, the production of healthy lollipops was improved, making them larger in batches.

Lavoli Musical Lollipop innovatively incorporates bone conduction technology into the music player. The shape of this music player is a lollipop. The most common product that uses bone conduction technology is bone conduction headphones.

There are huge differences in the audiences and uses between bone conduction headphones and Lavoli bone conduction music lollipops. Bone conduction headphones apply pressure to the head or facial skin and transmit it to the skull/jaw bone. Lavoli directly contacts the vibration source through the teeth, and the transmission medium is rigid to ensure minimal power consumption and sound range loss. Our custom-made healthy lollipops are easier and more natural to use. In addition, the power consumption and volume of bone conduction headphones are relatively large, and they cannot achieve the miniaturization achieved by Lavoli products.

As a music player who can play audio files in various scenarios, Lavoli Musical Lollipop can achieve multiple functions. Lavoli Musical Lollipop can customize audio according to application scenarios, such as exhibitions, promotional activities, movie advertisements. Correspondingly, the product packaging can also be customized according to requirements. For the candy part, custom shapes and flavors, and colors are all acceptable.

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