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Flavor Selection of Lavoli Music Lollipop

1. Lavoli music lollipop products are rich and customizable

Lavoli products are suitable for all ages, from young children to the elderly. In order to enrich the range of choices for children and adults, Lavoli music lollipops especially provide various shapes other than heart-shaped candies, and can also support a large number of orders for customers to customize the shape of the candies. The sugar part has many shapes to choose from, such as cat's paw, circle, star, oval, bear, animal head, Christmas tree, and so on.

In addition to the shape of sugar, the taste of sugar also provides a variety of options. Our custom-shaped lollipops also have many flavors, cake, pear, watermelon, blueberry, grape, cantaloupe, peach, apple. Various flavors are presented in corresponding colors, enriching people's visual enjoyment.

2. How does the shape and size of the music lollipop affect the user experience?

Since the eating process of Lavoli music lollipops is usually longer, the size and shape of the candy will directly affect the comfort of the mouth and the eating time.

The design of the size and shape of the music lollipop fully considers the various factions of the eaters during the eating process, such as licking, sucking, etc. The appropriate sugar shape will ensure the comfort of different eating actions, and make different actions to correctly contact the teeth, and ensure a good bone conduction effect.

The appropriate amount of sugar can also ensure that the entire eating time matches the audio content playback time, thereby providing a complete user experience.

3. How to choose the flavor of Lavoli music lollipop?

During the flavor selection process, Lavoli carefully studied the flavors of the most popular sugar in the world and selected the top ten flavors. By adjusting the ratio of sourness and sweetness, the ratio of sour and sweetness is fixed as the most popular flavor. At the same time, according to the relevant requirements of certain countries, Lavoli can provide sugar made with natural pigments. Customers can choose the taste of music lollipops in the order.

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