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Unique New Year Gifts

New Year and Christmas form a long holiday, so gifts for Christmas and New Year for family, friends, and sweethearts also need to be prepared in order to express our gratitude and love to them in the past year and convey the hope that everyone will support each other in the new year and have a wonderful new year.

There should be many people who think that gifts are given every year, and what to give this year is a headache. Many people will search online, consult friends, and even directly ask the recipient what they like. Everyone hopes that the recipient will receive a unique and favorite gift.

1. Unique New Year Gifts Ideas

How to choose a unique gift? The usual practice is to consult people around, or search the Internet for Unique New Year Gifts Ideas, and you will indeed receive some answers, such as greeting cards, preserved rose, beauty hampers, customized t-shirts, photo frames, water cups, as well as electronic products. These are actually more conventional gifts. Many people are still looking for more surprising gifts. Are there any more unique gifts? Of course the answer is yes!

(1) New year gift for family

When giving gifts to family members, many people choose to give the daily necessities they need, such as giving parents health care products or a trip, giving the partner clothes or ties, scarves, etc., giving children their favorite books, electronic products, or even a car. Of course they will like these gifts very much, but if they need some customized gifts, especially those that can convey their feelings, such as an emotional voice blessing of love, then at this time, they hope to have other options in addition to the above gifts. During the New Year, everyone will let go of their usual constraints and enjoy eating more sweets that can bring good feelings, such as candies. Therefore, the New Year candy is also a very good gift choice, especially the musical lollipop that can convey your love and has a recording function. There are also New Year related songs, and the lollipop pattern is also in the New Year style, creating a better New Year atmosphere.

(2) New year gift for friends

The range of gifts for friends is actually very wide. Chic cups, small household appliances, gift baskets, red wine, food, etc., or sending some beauty products to your female friends are all good choices. Can you surprise your friends in addition to these regular gifts during the New Year? For example, personally record a blessing to thank the recipient for help in the past year, and hope that friends can achieve their wishes for the new year. If it's just a blessing, such as a greeting card, it may be a bit monotonous. It's better to have some New Year's music for the occasion and enjoy delicious and exquisite candy while listening to the music. Is it a triple enjoyment, and musical lollipop can still be kept as a souvenir to enable the recipient of the gift to relive this wonderful time at any time in the future. You can also customize the patterns and shapes of lollipop that friends like to impress them.

(3) New year gift for employees

Most companies will provide gifts to employees in the New Year, thank them for their contributions in the past year, and encourage them to continue their efforts in the new year. Generally speaking, these gifts are customized gifts with a company logo, which can not only promote the corporate brand, but also cultivate a corporate culture such as customized T-shirts, water cups, notepads, medals, etc. But these regular gifts will not surprise employees. So, it's time for something new! The musical lollipop that I will introduce today is like this. You can customize the voice, such as the company's acknowledgments to employees. Each employee's is different, and the bone conduction technology allows employees to hear the voice when they taste music lollipops, and only they can hear the voice. It is a very magical personal experience.

2. Musical lolly for new year

Music lollipop combines sweet taste and wonderful music. Through novel bone conduction technology, it can be guaranteed that this is an innovative gift that your family, friends, and employees have never seen before. Candies come in a variety of shapes, colors, and patterns can also be customized. It is a good time to send new ideas to family members and surprise friends, so that employees can feel the company's creativity and intentions.

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