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The Music Lollipop Will Be a Surprise Gift for Children's Day

Lavoli's musical lolly toys provide your child with the best Children's Day surprises. Children can listen to songs and listen to fairy tales through musical lolly.

The main ingredient of our musical lolly is isomalt. A tooth-friendly sugar substitutes 100% from beets. The World Health Organization recommends an unlimited amount of sweeteners per day. Sweeteners are usually used in foods such as high-end healthy candies. All edible contact materials of our products comply with food safety standards and have obtained FDA, CE, NSF, and other certifications.

Musical lollipops are the latest cross-border invention that combines acoustics, candy/food, electronics, and wireless technology. 5 PCT international patents strongly protect the design. While enjoying the sweetness of Lavoli battery-powered music lolly, children can also hear the sound of music lollipops singing in their mouths. What a wonderful Children's Day gift our musical lolly are!

Ⅰ. Customized Children's Day gift: music lollipop

Lollipops are children's favorite food. Candy brings sweetness, joy, and happiness. Any content can be uploaded to our music lollipops, such as fairy tales, music, or other materials.

Musical lollipops are not only lollipops but also lollipop surprise toys. It naturally combines children's learning with toys, satisfying children's feelings and bringing an incredible learning experience at the same time. As a gift for Children's Day, Lavoli's music lollipop enhances children's interest in learning and entertainment and brings them a lot of fun! A special sugar-free music lollipop gift for children!

Ⅱ. The design of music lollipop for Children's Day

No child can resist the temptation of cute lollipops, let alone those that can play music in their mouths. Lavoli provides a variety of customised children's day gifts (combining entertainment and education concepts) for Children's Day. The exquisite shape is a visual feast, making everyone want to take a bite!

Ⅲ. The packaging of music lollipop for Children's Day

We provide gift boxes suitable for children's day special gift ideas, and we can also offer customized gift bags with your logo.

As the world's first bone conduction music lollipop, Lavoli provides not only popular music playback for your loved ones but also provides innovative gifts for your children and parents with no screen storytelling!

Lavoli can bring you these novel and interesting sound lollipops thanks to bone conduction technology. If you have any needs, please feel free to consult us.

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