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The Storytelling Lollipop Know a Lot About History

1. Lollipops that play music

What should the ancients do if they want to drink cold drinks? What did the ancients' passports look like? The answer is hidden in this musical lollipop.

What's different is that this lollipop realizes listening to the sound with the mouth. On the day before the Cultural and Natural Heritage in 2020, the National Museum of China launched a new cultural and creative "Guide" lollipop, which will tell the stories of 30 National Museum cultural relics. According to the person in charge of the Beijing Food Culture Center of National Museum, this creative product incorporates bone conduction chips into traditional lollipops. When the user puts the lollipop in the mouth, the sound is transmitted to the eardrum through the teeth and bones in the mouth to bite the candy, and they can enjoy the novel taste bud and auditory experience while eating the musical lollipop.

At present, the lollipop has been implanted with 30 cultural relics of the National Museum and made into an online audio commentary. At the same time, cultural relics such as the Four-ram Zun, the treasure of the National Museum of China, will also "talk".

2. Musical lollipop in Lavoli

Lavoli can provide this kind of lollipops that play music in your mouth. Based on our core bone conduction technology, Lavoli plans to launch consumer food and electronic products, business machines and medical equipment. We just launched the world's first Lavoli musical lollipop that combines sweetness, fun and practicality. With the ergonomic design concept, Lavoli musical lollipop can listen to songs and stories while eating the lollipop, and can even record and replace the audio in the lollipop. 

If you have any interests, welcome to consult Lavoli.

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