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Halloween Music Lolly, the Perfect Gift Candy! ! !

Change this year's Halloween candy with a box of our Lavoli music lollies. These music lollies can be customized as special holiday gifts. There are about three terrific delicacies: blood brain (watermelon), mucus (green apple) and eyeball (berry), and are individually packaged in Halloween-themed wrapping paper. Whether you distribute candies at home, bank or office, we can meet your needs.

1. Music lollies are a special Halloween gift

The distribution of music lollies, especially Halloween-themed music lollies, provides special treats for those who do tricks or treats. Our music lollies add something unique to the traditional Halloween candy that children get every year and will surely bring excitement to the entire community.

Lavoli music lollies also provide a great way to spread a little Halloween spirit in your office or workplace. Place some in the company's lounge or distribute music lollies around the office. When everyone eats a music lolly, they will be scared by the creepy music inside. The special music lolly will surely let your colleagues fully enjoy the Halloween atmosphere.

Would you consider placing a lolly in a bank or doctor's office? October, which belongs to Halloween, is approaching. Replace the regular lollies with our Lavoli music lollies. After receiving our fun and delicious music lollies, your customers or patients of all ages will smile happily.

2. Customize Halloween Lavoli music lolly

We only make a batch of Lavoli Halloween music lollies for the Halloween season every year, so be sure to pay more attention to it so as not to miss it.

As the world's first bone conduction music lolly, Lavoli not only provides pop music as an innovative gift for your loved ones, but also provides a screenless storytelling player for your children and parents!

Thanks to bone conduction technology, Lavoli can bring you these novel and interesting sound lollies. Bone conduction technology is absolutely safe for people of all ages. Try to plug your ears, close your mouth, and make a sound from your mouth. At this time, what you hear is done through bone conduction. Our music lolly can help people with conductive hearing loss hear the wonderful world. If necessary, please consult.

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