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Choose the Most Special Gift on Children's Day and Give Your Child a Wonderful Experience

1. The most special gift for children's day

Provide your child with the best Children's Day gift surprise: Lavoli's toy musical lollipop! Children can not only listen to songs, but also listen to fairy tales through Lavoli musical lollipops, which is a specially customised Children's Day gift.

We made isomaltulose lollipops (a sugar substitute that is not harmful to teeth), which is 100% natural sugar from beets. In the WHO recommendations, isomaltulose is a sweetener with no restriction on daily intake and is usually used in high-end healthy candies and other foods. All materials that come into contact with the edible substances of our products are food safe and have obtained FDA, HALAL, CE and other certifications.

Lavoli musical lollipop is the latest crossover invention that integrates acoustics, candy/food, electronics and wireless technology. The invention is strongly protected by 5 PCT international patents. While enjoying the delicious sweets of Lavoli, children can hear the sound of music lollipop singing in their mouths. This is one of the wonderful children's day special gift ideas and experience.

2. Application of musical lollipops on children's day

Lollipops are the favorite food of children. Candy brings sweetness, joy and happiness. Our musical lollipop can upload any audio content, such as fairy tales, music or other audio content.

Lavoli music lollipops naturally combine children's education and toys to meet children's taste needs, entertainment needs and curiosity, enhance children's interest in learning and entertainment, and understand the mystery of sound. It is a prepared sugar-free lollipop gift for children.

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