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Lavoli Lollipop Can Tell the Story of Dinosaurs!

Dinosaurs are prehistoric creatures loved by many children, teens and even adults. Dinosaur lovers want to learn about dinosaurs in a number of ways. Lavoli music lollipops bring dinosaur fans a new way to learn about dinosaur taxonomy, the times they lived in, and their habits.

In Lavoli's set version, each musical lollipop tells the story of a dinosaur. Candies of different flavors and colors represent different dinosaurs. Lavoli musical lollipops are sold with dinosaur storybooks. Listen to stories, eat lollipops, read dinosaur books, make leisure life more interesting, avoid using eyes, and protect eyesight.

Ⅰ. The advantages of Lavoli music lollipop telling dinosaur stories

1. The details of the story are heard clearly

The details of the dinosaur story are heard clearly, and nothing wonderful is missed. Do you want to know what dinosaur sounds like? Through bone conduction, the sound seems to be in the ear, it is easy to make people feel immersed in the situation, and the children are very involved, so as to learn more about dinosaurs.

2. Noisy environment will not affect the listening effect

If you eat a music lollipop and listen to a story in a noisy environment, it will basically not affect the listening effect. At the same time, if you are walking or waiting for a car in a noisy outdoor environment, the open earbud experience can make people pay attention to the surrounding environment at any time, avoiding the safety hazards caused by wearing headphones and not hearing the outside world.

3. Enjoy low-calorie lollipops in a variety of flavors

You can enjoy low-calorie lollipops in various flavors without worrying about calories and tooth decay. Each time the music lollipop replacement head is inserted, the music lollipop handle will automatically recognize the corresponding audio file and play it. It's smart and convenient.

Ⅱ. Customization of Lavoli music lollipops telling dinosaur stories

Specially designed and beautifully packaged, beautifully printed packaging, each package is printed with different dinosaur icons, which contain lollipop heads of different flavors, insert any replacement head, the handle will automatically recognize and play the corresponding dinosaur story. A favorite for dinosaur lovers, learn about dinosaur names, life cycles, habits, characteristics and sounds anytime, anywhere.

Thunder Blast plans to launch consumer food and electronics, business machines and medical equipment. We just launched the world's first Lavoli music lollipop, which is sweet, fun and practical. With an ergonomic design concept, Lavoli Musical Lollipop can listen to songs and stories while licking, and even record and replace audio in Lollipop. Welcome to consult.

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