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Is There No Sugar in Sugarless Lollipops?

Sugar-free lollipops do not contain any sugar, but the sugar content is very small, and the total sugar content in sugar-free products cannot be higher than 0.5g. Sugar-free products refer to foods that do not contain sweeteners such as sucrose, glucose, maltose, fructose, etc. However, sugar-free foods contain substitutes such as sugar alcohols. Sugar-free products contain very little sugar and do not have high calories. They are suitable for people with diabetes and obese people to eat.

1. Is there no sugar for the sugar free lollipop?

Sugar-free products refer to foods that do not contain sucrose, glucose, maltose, fructose, and other sweeteners, but sugar-free foods contain substitutes such as sugar alcohols, so they still contain a small amount of sugar. As a health product, sugar-free food has become more and more recognized and accepted by people, because the blood sugar content of diabetic patients is too high. If sugary food is ingested, it will aggravate the disease.

There are also obese people, due to excessive sugar will lead to obesity. Too much sugar in children can cause tooth decay. Eating sugar-free products can make people feel the taste of sugar without worrying about the high-calorie problem caused by sugar. Therefore, sugar-free lollipops are not without sugar but less sugar. high calories.

2. The content of the sugar free lollipop

The sugar free lollipop has a total sugar content of less than 0.5g and has the taste of sugar. They are made with various alcohols such as xylitol and maltitol as sweeteners. The carbohydrate content is lower than sugar, so we can pay more attention to the ingredient list on the package when buying sugar-free products.

The packaging is marked with no sugar, no added sucrose, no sucrose, etc. It depends on whether the other sweeteners in the ingredients are sugar-free alcohols and whether the carbohydrate content in the nutrients is low. The sweetness of sugar substitutes is very high and the calorie content is very low, almost negligible.

Lavoli's sugar-free healthy music lollipop is an advanced and healthy food. As a sweetener derived from pure sugar beet-isomalt, this is a natural sugar substitute and the raw material we use to produce high-quality lollipops.

It is 100% sugar-free, friendly to teeth, and can even help prevent tooth decay. The high-tech production process of isomalt makes its sweetness almost equal to that of sucrose, but only half the calories! Due to its low blood sugar response, mild and sugar-like taste, isomalt is the world's largest candy substitute. If you have any needs, please feel free to consult us and customize what you like.

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