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Types and Advantages of Lavoli Musical Lollipops

Ⅰ. Types of Lavoli Musical Lollipops

1. Lavoli Advanced Version: Non-rechargeable musical lollipop.

One-touch design, easy to use; 80 minutes play time; small size, elegant appearance; environmentally friendly materials, one-time recyclable; low-calorie, sugar-free, tooth-friendly candy.

2. Lavoli Personalized Version: Recordable and rechargeable musical lollipop.

Practical recording function, a good choice for personalized gifts; Universal USB Type-C charging port; High-quality lithium battery; Indicative LED light; Support for replacement audio and recording.

3. Lavoli Enterprise Version: APP control Lollipop Bluetooth charging music lolly, with Micro SD card.

Built-in Micro SD, easy to customize; Bluetooth connection with smartphone; Lavoli APP supports audio selection, recording, mixing; APP supports location services; volume control buttons.

4. Lavoli Suit Version: APP-controlled Bluetooth rechargeable musical lollipop bag with replacement head.

Replace the lollipop head and enjoy more candies; each head contains different music, and automatically recognizes the corresponding audio content for each head; the design of the set provides more choices for different audio experiences, candy shapes and flavors; Connect musical lollipop with smartphone via bluetooth; multifunctional on APP.

Ⅱ. The advantages of Lavoli musical lollipops

1. Sugar-free healthy musical lollipops

As a sweetener derived from pure sugar beets, isomalt is a naturally sourced sugar substitute and is the raw material we use to produce our original sound lollipops. This sugar is 100% sugar free and tooth friendly. It can even help prevent tooth decay. The high-tech production process of isomalt makes it almost as sweet as sucrose, but with half the calories! Due to its hypoglycemic response, mildness and sugar-like taste, isomalt is the number one sugar substitute in confectionery worldwide.

2. Environmentally friendly musical lollipops

All plastic parts of Lavoli musical lollipops are recyclable and sustainable; the batteries are lithium batteries; all our battery powered lollipops that play music are designed, materials and produced in compliance with the strictest environmental protection regulations and requirements worldwide. Lavoli musical lollipops are environmentally friendly.

From children to seniors, from kindergarten to exhibitions, Lavoli music lolly is always a good choice for gift picking. As for apps, Lavoli's digital lollipops can make lollipop audio, play lullabies or tell kids fairy tales. The battery-powered lollipops can also play Billboard's hits for teens and help them express themselves to the people they like.

These lollipops that play music in your mouth can also help you say "I love you" to your parents, especially if you're not with them. You can even use them to hear that year's wedding vows on your golden anniversary. This extraordinary and novel battery-powered lollipop is the perfect complement to flowers, gifts, chocolates and even books. Battery-powered lollipops can also play a big role in promotions or exhibitions with custom audio.

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