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Music Lollipops Are Fun and Novel

I still remember that when we were young, a snack shop covered almost all of our childhood. Whether it was sticky hands, comic books, football chocolates, or noodle tea powder, etc., children loved the novelty and felt interesting.

Recalling my childhood, I know that what children like most are novelty and interesting food toys, and it is best to use them as snacks.

1. Music lollipops - now children's toys are fresh and interesting!

With the advancement of the times, children's food and play will of course be improved. For the first time, they encountered a music lollipop that uses 'bone conduction technology' and can listen to stories while eating, which surprised and felt magical to mothers.

And we also believe that many mothers don’t like to give their children candy. The reason is that eating sugar is prone to hyperactivity, causing inattention, easy fatigue and affecting physical health. However, the sugar used in music lollipops is sugar alcohol, sugar alcohol It is a kind of pure natural sucrose. After conversion, the sweetness is only 0.5-0.6 times that of sucrose. It is also a kind of sugar suitable for diabetic patients, so basically it is not the kind of sugar that will harm children! Parents can rest assured that children can eat.

The funny thing is, you can listen to music while eating the lollipop and vibrating in your mouth! Each music lollipop comes with a pair of earplugs. It is a food game that lets you clearly tell adults not to disturb when you are eating lollipops, so that you can immerse yourself in the world of lollipops and yourself!

When the children are eating, they also listen to the stories inside. One is listening to the north wind and the sun, and the other is listening to the tortoise and the hare race. Parents can have a short rest. It is really a very interesting lollipop , Don't worry about affecting the children's health!

2. The application of music lollipop

Think about the music lollipops on everyone's plate at the wedding, and the wedding march will be played while eating, how interesting it is! !

When the candles are inserted on the cake and the happy birthday song in English is played that only you can hear, you don't have to worry about no one helping you to celebrate your birthday!

In fact, the story and music in the music lollipop is a very clear version of the articulation, not some voice with too special accent, a sugar-free music stick that is interesting, fun, and safe to eat while immersed in your own world Lollipops, in this new era might as well give children a try once in a while.

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