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Custom Audio Music Lolly

Lavoli Musical Lollipop is the world's first digital lollipop. For the first time, the human sense of taste is integrated with hearing, and the act of eating is associated with the act of listening. Through ingenious design, Lollipop audio music is tasteful, tasteful and melody, and at the same time it can carry personalized sound blessings, bringing users a magical and wonderful experience. The advantage of this digital lollipop is that it can easily customize the audio content. There are various ways to customize the audio content according to the purpose and quantity required by the customer.

Ⅰ. Music lolly has different purposes and different customization methods

1. Customers who have bulk purchasing needs can customize audio during the production process of the custom shaped lollipops.

2. For customers who need small batch customization, you can purchase the enterprise version. Each product has a Micro SD card inside the handle. Take out the Micro SD card, replace files in batches with a card reader, and achieve customization.

3. Personal customization needs, such as sending a girlfriend gift and wanting to replace the audio files in Lavoli with love songs, you can buy a personalized version, connect the computer, and replace the MP3 files inside.

Please note that Lavoli currently only supports audio files in MP3 format, please convert your audio files to MP3 format in advance to use the music lolly more smoothly.

Ⅱ. Music lolly custom audio, custom packaging

1. For customers who purchase and customize audio content in large quantities during the production process, Lavoli music lolly supports customized packaging patterns and even packaging forms. Senior designers will provide exquisite packaging patterns for customers to choose according to the audio content.

2. For small batch customization, Lavoli packaging generally reserves a labeling position, and customers can print and paste self-adhesive labels to realize packaging customization.

As the world's first bone conduction music lolly, Lavoli not only provides your loved ones with music playing pop as an innovative gift, but also a screenless player for storytelling for your kids and parents!

Thanks to bone conduction technology, Lavoli is able to bring these new and interesting sound lollipops to you. Bone conduction technology is absolutely safe for people of all ages. Try plugging your ears and humming. Now all you hear is done through bone conduction. Our musical lollipops help people with conductive hearing loss hear the world.

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