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How Can Lollipops Make Your Summer Festival More Exciting!

The summer time for music lolly means one thing for music lovers all over the world: festivals!

Whether you are heading to the east coast or the west coast, every festival audience has one thing in common, that is, they strive to find something to eat while enjoying the wonderful tunes. Fortunately, we have prepared the perfect snack for you: music lollipop! The following will briefly introduce you the benefits of music lollipops:

1. Music lollies are easy to pack!

Deciding what to bring to the festival is hard enough. Don't worry about what snacks to pack! Healthiest lollies are the perfect solution because not only do they not take up your luggage space, but they are also a super snack! This will reduce the weight of your luggage, which is critical in any trip.

2. Music lollies are cheap

A healthiest lolly is a cheaper snack that can provide you with enough energy to spend this holiday season until you have a truly affordable meal.

3. Music lollipop has a unique taste

Not only will they give you energy, but our unique taste can satisfy any sweet tooth.

4. Music lollipops are easy to carry

Unlike banana chips, marshmallows or apple candies, our music lollies are not messy and easy to carry. They can easily fit in your pocket or small bag, especially if you carry our Lavoli Musical Lollipop.

Lavoli Musical Lollipop innovatively incorporates bone conduction technology into the music player. The shape of this music player is a lollipop. The most common product that uses bone conduction technology is bone conduction headphones.


There are huge differences in the audiences and uses of bone conduction headphones and Lavoli bone conduction music lollipops. Unlike bone conduction headphones that apply pressure to the head or facial skin and transmit it to the skull/jaw bone, Lavoli directly contacts the vibration source through the teeth, and the transmission medium is rigid to ensure minimal power consumption and sound range loss. The use process of our customized lollipops is more relaxed and natural. In addition, the power consumption and volume of bone conduction headphones are relatively large, and they cannot achieve the miniaturization achieved by Lavoli products.

As a music player that can play audio files in a variety of different scenarios, Lavoli Musical Lollipop can achieve multiple functions. Lavoli Musical Lollipop can customize audio according to application scenarios, such as exhibitions, promotional activities, and movie advertisements. Correspondingly, the product packaging can also be customized according to requirements. For the candy part, custom shapes, flavors and colors are all acceptable.

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