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Lavoli Bone-conduction Music Lolly

1. Product details of music lolly

Lavoli is the world's first bone conduction music lolly company.

Through the innovative use of bone conduction technology, Lavoli gift candies perfectly integrate taste and hearing for the first time. When a user appreciates Lavoli, only he/she can feel and hear the sound in the mouth. It will be a surprising experience ever!

In addition to playing pre-loaded audio, it also allows users to record personalized voices for customization, as well as download, upload, edit and play audio, thus greatly expanding the application scenarios. This means that Lavoli can cover audio toys, candy, gifts, children's education, audio books, advertising and many other markets, including consumer and commercial markets.

We provide high-quality Lavoli music lollipops for global B2B importers and distributors, specializing in the production and export of sweets.


2. Lavoli music lolly supports personalized customization

The price of Hong Kong Lavoli music lolly is based on the quantity ordered in bulk.  As one of the professional lollipop wholesale suppliers, we provide flexible prices for candy varieties according to different import countries and quantities.

When consumers seek personalized lollipops or gifts, when your company has custom requirements for audio content, candy shape, taste, packaging or promotional packages to increase sales, Lavoli provides customized lollipops to make your own music lolly!


3. How Does Bone Conduction Work in Lavoli Music Lolly

The integrated bone conduction vibration unit developed by Lavoli is small and elegant and is placed in the center of the lollipop. When music is played and you bite the music lollipop, the vibration from the vibration unit is transmitted to the teeth, mandible and skull, and enters the inner ear, stimulating the hearing nerve, so that people can hear the beautiful music when eating music lolly. Lavoli filed a number of international patents for this design, which is protected worldwide. If you want to hear with your mouth instead of your ears, feel free to contact us!

4. Lavoli Music Lolly Video

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