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Lollipop "transformed" into a Talking Tour Guide

Now there is a lollipop, a special tour guide, which can equip the lollipop with hearing function through bone conduction technology, and visitors can listen to the explanation of the scenic spot while eating the lolipop. This kind of lollipops customized for customers have greatly enriched the tourist experience and greatly improved the level of information services.

Ⅰ. Why choose musical lollipop?

Why choose musical lollipop? Because it is a "talking" audio guide lollipop. It is embedded with a generating device, and the sound device will give the lollipop a hearing function through bone conduction technology when the lolipop switch is turned on.

After the musical lollipop is successfully matched with Bluetooth, you can listen to the voice explanation of the scenic spot. The lollipop can also geolocate the location of the tourist through LBS, and automatically play the explanation of the scenic spot at the current location. It is a real "talking" private audio guide lollipop for tourists.

Ⅱ. Use guide of "talking" musical lollipop

1. Long press for two seconds to turn on the switch on the musical lollipop

2. Turn on the bluetooth of the mobile phone and pair with the musical lollipop

3. After the pairing is successful, the audio file can be played, supporting up to 40 minutes of voice playback

4. Put the musical lollipop in your mouth and bite your teeth to hear the explanation of the attractions. In a noisy environment, it is recommended to bring the included earplugs for better listening effect

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