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How Lavoli Musical Lollipops Work and FAQs

Ⅰ. How does Lavoli Musical Lollipop work?

The head of the Lavoli Musical Lollipop sends micro vibrations to the lower jaw and transmits the sound directly to the inner ear. Bypassing the eardrums, the sound is delivered to your ears alone, allowing you to enjoy music or stories quietly without any speakers.

In other words, our musical lollipops are helpful for people with conductive hearing loss. Just take a bite of our electric lollipop and the wonderful songs, fairy tales and recorded wishes from the lollipop music player will be happily sent to those you want to surprise. Aiming to spread love and care around the world, Lavoli wants to give you an opportunity to express yourself in innovative ways.

Ⅱ. Frequently Asked Questions about Lavoli Musical Lollipops

1. Can other people hear the audio in your music lolly?

Basically not. The lollipop's head produces vibrations that are transmitted directly through the skull to the eardrums. The vibrations are then converted into sounds you can hear. If people are in a quiet room, they may hear the faint sound of a musical lollipop.

2. What is bone conduction?

This is very common in your life. Cover your ears with your hands and speak to yourself as quietly as possible so that you can fully hear what you are saying even if your voice is low. This is the result of bone conduction.

3. Is bone conduction safe?

Yes. Bone conduction helped Beethoven hear music after he was deaf. Since the 1970s, audiologists have used bone conduction to develop hearing aid devices. The U.S. military has also used bone conduction headphones for decades. So you can use our sound lollipops without worrying about damaging your hearing.

4. How to use Lavoli musical lollipops?

Turn on the digital bone conduction lollipop and only hit the play/pause button when you hear the music. Biting on a lollipop, tiny vibrations are transmitted to your eardrums through your jaw and skull, and you're ready to enjoy the music.

As the world's first bone conduction music lolly, Lavoli not only provides your loved ones with music playing pop as an innovative gift, but also a screenless player for storytelling for your kids and parents!

Thanks to bone conduction technology, Lavoli is able to bring these new and interesting sound lollipops to you. Bone conduction technology is absolutely safe for people of all ages. Welcome to consult.

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