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Use a Music Lollipop to Send New Year's Blessings!

It's time to select gifts for the new year with new trends! Forget about ordinary chocolates and candies! Our New Year music lollipop is a unique gift.

1. Use music lollipops to send New Year's blessings

Music lollipop is the first lollipop that combines people's sense of taste and hearing, and connects the action of eating and listening. Through clever design, the music can be tasteful and the taste can be full of melody.

At the same time, it carries the blessings of the New Year and brings users a magical and wonderful experience. Lavoli music lollipops can help you establish connections with other people, convey blessings, joy, and happiness, and better express personal emotions. Select a Lavoli music lollipop at the end of the year, and use your own voice to send blessings!

2. Application of New Year music lollipop

This is an exclusively customized gift. Record your wishes or songs and send them to your friends, sweethearts or family. They can hear sounds and songs clearly, which is a new magical experience.

Due to the use of bone conduction technology, the sound will not be played out, and only the user can hear it, so it will not disturb others. Lavoli products are simple and easy to use. You only need to switch play/pause with one button, which is convenient for uploading and downloading songs.

We provide personalized New Year lavoli music lollipop, so customers can customize their own New Year lollipops with different flavors, shapes, colors and packaging.

3. The packaging of New Year music lollipop

We provide New Year gift boxes, and we can also provide customized gift bags with your own logo.

We also provide Halloween music lollipops, Christmas music lollipops, New Year music lollipops, Happy New Year candy, creative New Year gifts, unique New Year gifts, New Year special gifts, unique ideas of New Year gift, New Year candy and so on. If you have any needs, please feel free to consult us.

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